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People from across the world come to America to live or experience the American dream. Officially the United States of America and the largest country in the continent, it is a land of egalitarianism and the oldest democracy in the world. The land with its rich history dating back to the 17th century, featuring mass immigration from across the world makes it a potpourri of diverse culture and traditions. Due to its colossal size, the country offers a contradictory landscape, people, flora and fauna. Here travellers are for a treat with lots to see and divulge.

With over 10000 towns, cities and villages, it is nearly impossible to explore the country in one go. Cities which attracts maximum tourists are the capital city Washington D.C., filled with museums, monuments and epicenter of the American politics. New York, entices tourists with its lavish lifestyle and is the financial hub of the country. Los Angeles is world-famous for Hollywood, music and art. Its other cities are cherished for a host of tourist attraction and lavished with great outdoors to unwind.

Desert, mountains, canyons, caves and giant forest where trees touch the sky, the natural scenery of the U.S. is jaw-dropping. The pristine Alaskan glacier, to the marshy and warm jungles of the south or the stunning beaches of the Hawaii, only few tourist destinations in the world matches the natural extravaganza of this great country. Popular landscape travellers must visit; Denali National Park (featuring the highest summit in the continent), Grand Canyon (longest canyon in the world), Yosemite National Park (boasting the popular giant Sequoia trees). Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Walt Disney World, Mesa Verde National Park and more. Contact Tybros Holidays for a range of customised American holidays.

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